Casting Instructions

If you are seeing this page, you aren’t connected to the local WIFI network!!

You are trying to cast content but you reached this page instead!?

You’ve reached this page because the Swift Casting service is unable to contact your laptop or mobile device on the WiFi network.

This is generally due to:

  1. You have NOT connected to the WiFi services provided by the property you are staying at.
    The WiFi name is available on the Swift Casting information page on the TV.  Alternatively, contact the help desk of the site you are staying at for instructions on how to connect to the WiFi service.

  2. You have a VPN or PROXY service installed on your mobile device. If this is the case, please disconnect your VPN or PROXY service and try again.  If you are unsure of how to disconnect the VPN or PROXY service, please speak to your IT resource at your place of work.  You may have an app installed such as a Speed Booster that can affect how your device accesses the internet.  Disable these apps and try again.

  3. Your phone is having a bad day…  Try rebooting it, this resolves 80% of the issues faced with using the Swift Casting service!